In pricing and policies I try to be fair to my customers, fair to myself, and flexible, as I understand many people have unpredictable schedules. 

Hourly rate

My base rate is $65 per hour. A standard lesson is 1 hour. For those in difficult financial situations we can negotiate a lower base rate.

I offer packages. You can get a discount for purchasing packages of lessons. A 4 lesson package is 5% off the negotiated base rate, and an 8 lesson package is 10% off. When you buy a package we must schedule all the lessons in advance. Your lesson does not need to be at the same time and day each week. 

This policy is not meant to be rigid and I’m willing to make exceptions for unforeseen circumstances on a case by case basis. However, I reserve the right to end tutoring if I feel a client is abusing this policy. If I make an exception that does not imply I will make one in the future. 

Cancellation policy

Once we’ve scheduled a lesson, you must give me 24 hours notice to cancel. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to pay for the missed lesson in full (if you’ve paid ahead of time it will count as one of the lessons in your package). 

However, I understand you may have an emergency, illness, or unforeseen circumstance. In that case you won’t need to pay for the missed lesson. 

You also may reschedule a lesson for non-emergency reasons with less than 24 hours notice, but please note that you may only do this once per month. You may not reschedule a lesson to a date on which you already have a scheduled lesson. 

If you really don’t know your schedule and you’re going to constantly need to change lesson times, we shouldn’t schedule lessons ahead of time. It’s better to contact me on the day you want a lesson, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll have any particular time open.

See the logistics page for more about scheduling.


I accept credit cards, Venmo, and Zelle.

I’m located in beautiful Pasadena, California, but I can instruct online anywhere.

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