Parents of students

For parents

Is your student in a computer science class or interested in learning to code on their own? I can provide supportive help for them in most computer science and coding classes, including AP Computer Science A. I can also encourage them to go beyond the class and really enjoy programming.

To learn more about scheduling, please see my logistics page.

If this sounds good, I encourage you to contact me for a free consultation. I’ll really listen to your specific needs and recommend a course of action. Contact me today!

Topics I teach students

  • AP Computer Science A
  • Coding in Python, Java and a few less common languages such as Haskell, Purescript, and Elm
  • The use of challenge problem websites to develop their skill
  • Making web pages with HTML/CSS
  • Other common computer sciences courses at the junior high or high school level
  • CodeHS courses including Karel
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