Erica, a student at Pasadena City College:

Mike has been helping me to succeed in my college coding course. He often uses real world examples to find ways of relating the material to something concrete and understandable. He encourages and helps you to use problem-solving skills. As a tutee, you are an active participant in the lesson, and not just an observer/listener.

Mother of 9th grade student in South Pasadena:

Mike is a brilliant, dedicated, passionate tutor who excels in teaching complicated concepts in a clear, simple manner.  He has tremendously helped my daughter conceptually learn what she needs to know for her computer science class, and he continually challenges and encourages her to really understand the material at a deep level, not surface level.  Mike is a rare gem, and we are so lucky to have found him!

Sean, professional marketer:

I’ve been working with Mike for months to improve my knowledge of Python (programming language, not herpetology).  I truly appreciate that his depth of knowledge means that I’m never stuck, and at the same time given the space to wrestle with a problem long enough to understand it more completely.  I credit this to his long experience tutoring.  It’s also fantastic that he is flexible enough to continue to adapt how we teach to both my goals and how I am best able to learn a particular topic.  Additionally, his focus isn’t just on memorizing the language, but helping me think like a computer scientist which is already giving me the capacity to code independently.  I could not recommend him enough.  Thank you Mike!