Policies and Fees


My fee for online tutoring is $65 per hour. For in-person tutoring at a location near me, it’s $80 per hour. This fee is the same for all languages, subjects, and types of students.

Lesson length

All lessons are one hour in length unless previously arranged. Generally a session shorter than one hour is not enough to accomplish a significant learning chunk, and a session longer than one hour is tiring for the student and reduces learning potential.

24-hour cancellation policy

Once we have scheduled a session, if you want to cancel it, you must give 24 hours notice or else you will be charged the full fee for a missed session. However, let me assure you that I won’t charge this fee in the event you have an emergency or a situation arise that’s out of your control. I also won’t charge the fee if we can reschedule within a two days of the original lesson.

I take our scheduled lessons very seriously and I commit to being there for you. This policy is here to ensure that my clients take our lesson time as seriously as I do and commit totally to it.

There are some situations in which I might have an illness or an emergency myself and might have to cancel the session. Of course I won’t charge you for that and I’ll be flexible in rescheduling it.

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