Old Lessons for professionals

Are you a working professional looking to add coding skills to your resume, or even change careers completely? I can work with you patiently to help you build a high degree of skill, and more important, to think like a computer scientist.

What I provide

Java, Python, Haskell, and HTML/CSS are all useful languages for those looking to use coding professionally. I can provide an introductory curriculum and homework sets for beginners, or be your teaching assistant as you take a class in one of these topics. There are many online free or low-cost courses.

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My qualifications

My computer science degree from Caltech is only part of what makes me a good teacher. I’ve been interested my whole life in teaching, in particular developing the soft skills of patience and the ability to see things from the perspective of a student.

  • Degree in computer science from Caltech
  • 19 years as a professional coder in five different languages, including 16 years at NASA
  • 500 hours of training in mindfulness and learning strategies
  • Lifelong interest in teaching strategies, in particular how to make the experience enjoyable for beginners
If this sounds good and you'd like a free consultation about how I can help you code, please contact me today.
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