Scheduling and logistics

Communication about scheduling

For communication about scheduling once we have begun working together, please call or text 818-835-1127.

My availability, days and times

I’m available for at least part of the day from Saturday through Thursday (Fridays off), 10 AM to 8 PM in the Pacific time zone. We usually find a time that works for both of us.

Lesson frequency

Depending on your needs, typically we’ll decide between 1 or 2 weekly lessons. Students may need extra lessons in some weeks when the class has gotten difficult or if you would like to make extra progress. We could have 3 scheduled lessons per week if you need to make a lot of extra progress.

Hardware required for lessons

You must have a desktop or laptop computer to have lessons. For remote lessons, you must have a fast internet connection.

Videoconferencing and teleprogramming software
I’ll ask you to install some of the software ahead of time, but note that I have a policy of giving you free time to iron out the wrinkles in the software we’re using.

Online lessons will be conducted on Skype or Zoom. You aren’t required to share your camera’s video, but I will need you to share your screen.

In most cases, we’ll use Visual Studio Code to allow us to program together. I’ll send you instructions for installing that before the first lesson.

In cases where we can’t use Visual Studio Code, I will program remotely with you on your own computer by controlling your desktop with Zoom.


Code with greater ease

You can work through typical stumbling blocks with a greater sense of ease by using outside-the-box methods and “working smarter.” You can give yourself permission

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