Intro to Programming

Are you interested in learning programming for the first time or are you the parent of a student who is? I can give you or your student a good experience as you first encounter code. I will explain it so you can really understand.

I teach four languages: Python, Java, Haskell, or HTML/CSS.

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How learning programming can benefit you

You can write programs for fun or profit in any of these languages. Beyond that, you’ll learn logical thinking skills and gain a foundation for other languages and more advanced concepts.

More specifically, Python is used in many subject areas including data science – currently one of the hottest careers. Java is used in the AP Computer Science A course and exam and is the most used language in the workplace. Haskell can introduce you to modern programming concepts that are becoming more popular every day. HTML/CSS is the foundation of web development and the most common entry level job in programming.

What I provide
In teaching you, I will provide the following:
  • Instruction during our sessions and homework assignments
  • Hints that don’t give the solution away but help you have your own insights so you understand and remember better
  • A recommendation of online courses in specific topics that complement our work together
A companion course is an efficient use of your time, giving you a way to study and practice through the week. When we get together at the end of the week, I will offer you help beyond the coursework:
  • Better explanations of core concepts than most courses provide
  • Better ways to understand and remember details
  • Better creative strategies for finding novel solutions to the homework

Some good courses:

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