What I teach

I’m excellent at teaching AP Computer Science with my degree in computer science from Caltech.

Take your career to the next level through Python or Java lessons. I used both of them at NASA for many years.

I can teach your student Java, Python, HTML/CSS, or Haskell. I’m gentle and patient enough to make coding a fun experience, whether for beginners or students who want a big challenge.

I can tutor you in computer science classes. In particular I specialize in advanced Haskell courses – students often need extra help with this.

Hi, I'm Mike, your coding tutor.

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Have you ever had a teacher who didn’t seem to like teaching? That’s not me. I love helping my students do well.

I’m patient, I explain complex topics in simple ways, and I introduce new ideas gradually so beginners aren’t overwhelmed.

After getting my degree from Caltech, I worked as a programmer at NASA. Eventually I started teaching the rocket scientists to code. I loved it! I left NASA to become a full-time tutor working with students and giving lessons to professionals.

I give lessons both online and in person in the Pasadena, Calfornia area.

Get a free consultation today!

I give free consultations to anyone interested in lessons with me. I’ll really listen to you and discuss your specific needs at no charge. With my Caltech background I’m very knowledgeable about modern computer science. We can even discuss which of the many free resources on my website will help you the most.

What lessons are like

During a lesson, you’ll come to me with some problem: you’re studying for a test, you have a homework problem. I’ll guide you to the answer step-by-step, asking you to use your own insights and intuition whenever possible: this helps you develop a deep understanding.

Scheduling and locations

I teach Saturday through Thursday.  I’ll meet you online or in-person in the Pasadena, CA area. My schedule is flexible and I’m usually available if you need an extra lesson. To find out the days and times I teach and how many lessons per week you might need, go to my logistics page.

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