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Hi, I'm Mike, a coding tutor.

Have you ever had a teacher who didn’t seem to like teaching? That’s not me. I love helping my students do well.

I’m patient, I explain complex topics in simple ways, and I introduce new ideas gradually so beginners aren’t overwhelmed.

After getting my degree from Caltech, I worked as a programmer at NASA. Eventually I started teaching the rocket scientists to code. I loved it! I left NASA to become a full-time tutor working with students and giving lessons to professionals.

I give lessons both online and in person in the Pasadena, Calfornia area.

Building a strong foundation

Helping you connect the dots before we progress to the next level.

Encouraging small steps

Showing that a large goal can be reached by many small steps.

Keeping it simple

Avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Using your imagination

Using your imagination to make ideas concrete and easier to remember.

Asking for precision

Thinking clearly and precisely about the solution.

Developing independence

Asking you to solve problems through your own insights, whenever possible.

If this sounds good and you'd like to find out more, contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

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