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High school students

I teach high school students in computer science classes or interested in learning to code on their own. They will get better quickly and learn advanced topics, preparing them to succeed in college and beyond.

To learn more about scheduling, please see my logistics page.

If this sounds good, I encourage you to contact me for a free consultation. I’ll really listen to your specific needs and recommend a course of action.

What I provide

In teaching you or your student, I will provide the following:

  • Instruction during our sessions and homework assignments
  • Hints that don’t give the solution away but help you have your own insights so you understand and remember better
  • A recommendation of online courses in specific topics that complement our work together

A companion course is an efficient use of your time, giving you a way to study and practice through the week. When we get together at the end of the week, I will offer you help beyond the coursework:

  • Better explanations of core concepts than most courses provide
  • Better ways to understand and remember details
  • Better creative strategies for finding novel solutions to the homework

Code with greater ease

You can work through typical stumbling blocks with a greater sense of ease by using outside-the-box methods and “working smarter.” You can give yourself permission

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