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Haskell is a unique language. It’s a type of language called “functional,” which is quite special and powerful compared to conventional languages such as Python.

Why might you want to learn Haskell?

  • You might be in a college Haskell course.
  • You might be an intermediate programming student who could benefit greatly from another perspective on programming.
  • You might even be new to programming: you’d be surprised how easy it is to pick up Haskell when it’s your first language.

I teach Haskell to high school students and college students.

I help you discover what you can really do

Whether you are struggling or already advanced, I don’t believe in judging your abilities ahead of time or putting you in a box. I’m here to be your guide to discovering what you can really do when given encouragement.

Personalized attention with freedom to find your way yourself

As we work together, I’ll put focused attention on your learning needs and also give you permission to find your way and freedom to have your own insights, which I believe is the best way to go beyond memorization to a real understanding.

Make connections

I explain ideas so you can really understand them and make larger connections. I'll also connect ideas to the world of professional programming.

General programming topics we’ll cover

I’ll give you a thorough grounding in

  • Basic and important programming concepts
  • The unique features of the language and how to take advantage of them
  • Problem solving skills, particularly the strategy of breaking down problems and finding solutions one at a time
  • Debugging skills, which many courses and teachers neglect

I’ll give you homework assignments and recommend a companion course that you can use between our sessions.

If this sounds good and you’d like a free consultation about how I can help you, contact me today!

Contact me
My qualifications

My computer science degree from Caltech is only part of what makes me a good teacher. I’ve been interested in teaching my whole life, in particular developing the soft skills of patience and the ability to see things from the perspective of a student.

  • Degree in computer science from Caltech
  • 19 years as a professional coder in five different languages, including 16 years at NASA
  • 500 hours of training in mindfulness and learning strategies
  • Lifelong interest in teaching strategies, in particular how to make the experience enjoyable for beginners


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