For Professionals

Are you a working professional looking to add coding skills to your resume, or even change careers completely? You may want to gain insight into your company’s data or prepare for attending college or coding courses. I can work with you patiently to help you build a high degree of skill, and more importantly, to think like a computer scientist.

Note that work-related education costs, such as my tutoring fees, are tax deductible.

I’ll provide instruction during our sessions and homework suggestions. I’ll help you to have your own insights so you understand and remember better.

I recommend you contact me to discuss your particular needs with no obligation.

I might also recommend a companion online course, which is an efficient use of your time, giving you a way to study and practice through the week. When we meet for our lesson, I’ll offer you help beyond the coursework:

  • Better explanations of core concepts than most courses provide
  • Better ways to understand and remember details
  • Better creative strategies for finding novel solutions to the homework
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