Learning to code

How does a student actually go about learning a language like Java, Python, or C++? What knowledge and skill sets are necessary? How do I go about teaching these things to teens? Two things are needed: knowledge and skill First, a student needs knowledge: that is, knowing the syntax and commands that a language uses. […]

Coding in Java

So you’re thinking that your child might like to learn Java. Perhaps your child is in a class that uses Java, or you would like to prepare for a future class. For beginners in 7th grade or older, Java works quite well as a second language following Python. It’s relatively simple and easy to code […]

Coding in Python

So your child might like to learn Python! It’s a great choice for a first language. The syntax is simple so there’s not a lot of extra stuff to think about. Many simple and fun things can be coded even in a short Python program. There are many books and resources on the web for […]

Learning about learning

I’ve come across three books that have really inspired me. They are about “learning how to learn.” A Mind for Numbers Learning how to Learn Teach Yourself how to Learn  

Sources of computer science problems

Here’s a list of websites I use to find challenging computer-science-related problems that I can work on with your child. I encourage all my students to dive right in and start working problems. We can also work together on problems that they find difficult. There are several benefits when your student works with me: I […]

Writing web pages or games

If your child is primarily interested in writing web pages, apps, or games, I have some recommended websites you can check out. Here are a couple I like: Khan Academy, which is free. CodaKid, which costs about $20 to $30 a month for premium content, including learning Python